Thursday, March 24, 2011

What WAS on my workdesk Wednesday

Ok. So I know it's not Wednesday but I was working on Wednesday and it was not at the computer.

The four of you who actually read this blog might remember that a couple of Wednesdays ago there was wood on my workdesk. Er. My floor. I had planned on doing a tree on the nursery wall but after trolling around some of my favorite home-y blogs, I went with a giraffe silhouette instead.

Speaking of Silhouette, I still have not used mine. The machine. Not the giraffe.

But I did finally complete this project. Here is Mr. Giraffe in all his glory. Obviously I cheated and used a projector. I am told that this is technically not cheating and that the pros do it all the time. Works for me. It's a time saver!

He needed a few more coats of paint and he's all done. I actually think I might paint him once more for good measure. I used a brush for the first couple of coats and I think I'd have been better off if I'd used a mini roller for that second coat.

The pain in the #$% part of being me is that once I'm done with something like this it makes me want to do something else. And that makes me want to do something else. It's a vicious cycle. I mean, there's never actually a 'I'm finished' moment and while it's exhausting, I wouldn't have it any other way.

***EDIT: YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! Here's the giraffe silhouette I used below. Click on it to bring it up and then print it out or right click and save it to your usb drive. Take it to your local office supply store and have them print it on a transparency. You can rent an overhead projector from most office supply stores or maybe even your local library. Maybe you have a friend at a local school that'll hook you up!***


  1. How totally sweet! Even using a projector, I probably couldn't do a stick man. Your project is such a cool idea too.

  2. Hey Jamie! Haha, I think MORE than 4 people read your blog! Though, having said that, I am so sorry that I haven't been online to read many people's. Maybe it's just a busy time?

    I LOVE Mr. Giraffe and the overall look of the nursery is amazing! Good stuff! And yes, I know the "never feeling finished" syndrome! Hopefully you'll take a break soon! :)

  3. Reading through Google Reader I often *forget* to open the full post to comment :D I love this project! If I had a projector no wall would be safe in my house LOL, not even sure where I would find one. A forest of birch trees sounds so tempting right now. And birds...and clouds..hmmm.

  4. That giraffe turned out great!! What a wonderful sentinel to stand watch over your little one :)

    I say just keep on be finished is only half as exciting as having a NEW project...heehee!

    Get that Silouhette out, Missy!!!


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