Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Truly 'High' Chair ~ Fit for a Birthday Girl

Sometimes a plain ole highchair just doesn't do the trick for a special ocassion like a 1st birthday. Especially for a princess!

My SIL had been searching everywhere for a second hand wooden highchair so we could transform it into the perfect birthday seat for her little girl's 1st birthday party like I did for our sweet boy at his Carnival 1st Birthday Party.

Tell to you the truth, we had both envisioned her finding one similar to this one with the spindle back but after weeks and weeks of searching and nothing. We were beginning to think she'd never find. Then a friend who's neighbor was having a yardsale came to the rescue. When I first saw it I thought, what am I going to do with that?

Because the back was solid I was stumped. I knew I couldn't just leave it plain and because, in my mind, I had pictured the spindles. I was totally unprepared.

I started out by painting all of it turquoise and decided I'd add some kind of decoration to the back. And of course just the turqoise was a fun improvement but it made me realize I needed more color. Once I decided the tray needed pink, the rest just feel into place.

From there I added the white polka dots to the tray and I was sold! And knowing the love my SIL has for personalization, I knew just what to do to the back. The chair needed some straps to hold our sweet princess in, so I added those. In hot pink, naturally.

Add to that a fun I <3 Cake banner, some balloons and the awesome party hat her Mommy made and you have the perfect party chair for the perfect little princess!

Stay tuned for party deets from Sophie's Sweet Celebration.
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