Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pickles & Ice Cream

So it turns out that I'm the stereotypical pregnant least, this time around. Yes! It's true. I ate pickles and ice cream. Byers and Claussen. And it was good.

My first pregnancy I had no strange cravings. I enjoyed drinking Kool-Aid, and jello was very appealing, but I mostly ate like a normal person. My second pregnancy, not the case. My uterus is already giving my boobs a run for their money in the growth department and yet I haven't gained a pound. I'd love to tell you that this is because I have been diligent about my healthy eating habits but the truth is, I find that difficult on an average day. These days, food's not even all that appealing and when it is, it's strange. I'm sleepy a good bit of the time so I fit eating in when I have to and if I don't I feel strange.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember being queasy 24/7 and maybe a little sleepy in the beginning but once I got over that hump I actually referred to it 'as the best I've ever felt in my life'. I had more energy than the energizer bunny. I tried re-doing the whole house. This time around, I'm finding it difficult to even clean the house, just the way it is.

I'm not sure why this time is different. My husband likes to think it's because we're having a girl, we'll find out for sure the end of this month. My child says don't worry momma, just lay on the couch, that way the baby will come sooner, God forbid! My dad reminded me that I AM 7 years older this time around....hadn't thought of that dad....thanks.

So here I am. Plugging away. Got the laundry on. Ate my pickles and ice cream. I'm in the studio trying to prepare for the Dunwoody Art Fest, I've gotta lot of time to make up for. And for dinner, I'm thinking nachos...the homemade kind with real shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream and maybe some M&Ms on the side!


  1. I have to laugh...I remember hot peppers never being hot enough, my poor baby,,,and she loves spicy food! Ya know Jamie, I can see a face in the ice-cream shot you posted! and I hope those are garlic pickles. Rest!


  2. I just ready your poem to Renee (monsters under the bed) and it is really wonderful. thanks for posting that.

    it's strange without her isn't it? KJ is doing a book about Renee, you can visit her at

    and contribute to the book!

  3. Hey stranger...sounds like you are doing well over all...miss you in the group! Looking forward to hearing how your art progresses...enjoying your pregnancy updates & stories. hugs suzieq

  4. Hi hon...I am so excited for you hon!! Whoo hoo a baby! MAybe this will make you feel better..I have had five...yup five kiddos. With all four girls... no problem..energizer bunny..but with my one and only boy...not so much. My guess is you are just have the opposite sex of the first..and I would not worry anyway. It all sounds pretty normal to me!!
    Can't wait to hear what it is. And hon...I know Renee is watching and knows all about this sweet child!!
    Hugs and congrats, Sarah

  5. Hey Jamie when you get a chance stop by my blog for an award for you ;)


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