Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Blank Canvas...

"I feel such creative power in myself that I know for sure that the time will arrive when, so to speak, I shall regularly make something good every day. But very rarely a day passes that I do not make something, though it is not yet the real thing I want to make."(Letter to Theo van Gogh, 9 September 1882)

All of Peach*Street*Primitives Original dolls are created without patterns. I do not draw up a pattern prior to creating any of my dolls. They are all drawn free hand onto the fabric making each one an original one of a kind. Many times what is present in my mind's eye does not translate onto the fabric as a result of using this technique. But when looking at the final product I enjoy feeling that the doll helped to create itself and ultimately became what it was really intended to be in the first place.

I choose not to offer patterns of my work. Although from time to time I do enjoy using the patterns of other designers. There are some that I just can't pass up making. I don't use patterns often because I tend to want to change this that or the other and some pattern restrictions prevent me from being able to do that.

I got my start with paper clay sculpting when Penny McAllister provided a pattern of one of her Santa's in a magazine. I had never tried it before but I had always wanted to. Her Santa was the very first paper clay sculpture I made. I enjoyed it so much that I new I'd found my niche. My clay head dolls are extremely enjoyable to make. Many times I enjoy making them even more than my fabric dolls. They are created using only my hands. No molds or sculpting tools are used.
I have many works in progress at the moment. The picture above is just a few of the pieces I have started recently. I'll post more pics as I move along with each of these pieces.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

"A Fair to Remember"

I belong to an awesome group of folk artists - To Dwell in Primitive Thymes (TDIPT). In March, TDIPT debuted it's very own website The TDIPT Mercantile ( Many of these talented artists from eBay also joined the Merc to showcase their wares on the 1st & 15th of each month. TDIPT also has it's very own blog - - where you can read a profile on each artist and be updated on special TDIPT events. When you visit the Merc or TDIPT's blog be sure to sign up for the newsletter. You'll be notified when the Merc updates and of special events like the one coming up in June.
"A Fair to Remember" - TDIPT's June Group Lauch will debut on eBay Sunday, June 3rd. It's a country fair theme that is sure to please every lover of primitive and folk art. Find us on eBay by typing TDIPT into your eBay search bar. Be sure to join us!
I have so many pieces planned and I am very excited to share them with you. Check my blog often for updates and these works in progress and also for my exclusive Ranting Raven pieces that will debut on the Raven ( on Friday, June the 1st. I plan on sharing pics of these pieces in different stages of developement. It will be interesting to see them come to life in pictures. I hope you'll join me!

Halloween comes early...

It's been a while since my last post. I have been busy getting ready for some exciting group launches. The first is with my Halloween Year Round (HYR) group. I love Halloween. I could create seasonal art all year round. That's why I'm excited about the upcoming HYR group launch on May 31st. Some of the greatest Halloween artists will be listing their Halloween best on eBay - Thursday, May 31st. If you love Halloween half as much as I do, you won't want to miss this special event. To find us on eBay just type HYR into your eBay search bar. You can also visit HYR at You'll be amazed at the awesome talent! See you there!
Need a Laugh? I love the holidays so much I go ALL OUT when decorating. One year I got a "shock" when one of my pumpkins rotted on top the electric halloween lights it was sitting on. A friend of mine was kind enough to document it for me in this special little video. I hope you enjoy the laugh at my expense!
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