Friday, May 30, 2008

Right as rain....

School is finally out and I've had a week and half to collect my thoughts, catch up on some rest and dig in the dirt! I'm feeling relaxed and creative.....right as rain!

I will be doing some blog updating over the weekend. New listings for ebay - paintings and dolls. Be sure to check back for updates soon. Happy Friday!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm a proud Mama... my "wind eating" son! ~ Happy Mother's Day!!

NOTE: Pause the music player below to get the full experience!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Day in the Life of a (Converted) Country Girl

I have never lived more than a few blocks from Main Street in my life. I have never heard the cows mooing in the morning, never heard the bullfrogs croaking at night and I have NEVER had the pleasure of being jarred from sleep at 4 in the morning by a Whippoorwill serenading me just outside my bedroom window....until now!

Now, not only do I live more than a few blocks from Main Street, I live a few blocks from the main road! Just before we purchased this property last summer we drove out one night just because we couldn't wait to live here and because we wanted to 'see what it looked like at night'. We were in love and couldn't believe all this beauty would soon be ours. I was driving, windows down, taking in the warm breeze with our little one in the backseat. We were thrilled at the prospects of our new home, a home that we could never have imagined we would one day own. But just as I pulled over the road near the pond, in the pitch blackness of night I heard it....the sound of the night like I had never heard it before. Loud, close and unceasing. It was in that moment that I wondered whether this "city girl" had made a mistake. Sometimes, at night, especially when my husband is away and me and my little one are alone, I stay inside. But when the sun brings daylight again, it's a completely different story.

This is our first spring in our new home out in the country. We have planted trees, bulbs and bought a tiller - something neither of us ever thought we'd own - and soon we will be planting our garden. Full of good things like onions, squash and corn. My little one has requested watermelons and cantalope. Country life is really starting to grow on me. Tonight we had our first meal from our land. We caught eight brim and two catfish from our pond. Tonight's supper was fish, grits and corn fritters. If I didn't know better, I'd think I had always been a country girl. I am definately becoming a convert. Above is a picture of the chicken coop we hope to build soon....fresh eggs for breakfast and pound cakes!

I love my new life and I've gotta tell ya, I don't really miss Main Street!

A picture of "The Tree" - one lone petrified tree that hearalds the sky as though it's pointing to the heavens. A reminder to me always how I got here.....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Australian Music Addiction

I was first turned on to the Australian music scene in January when I stumbled across a well known Australian band - Powderfinger - on myspace. I was so impressed with what I heard I left the band a comment on their myspace page. (See my music player at the bottom to check out some songs!) It wasn't long after that I was hit up with friend requests from other Australian musicians asking me to check out their music. I usually don't pay these any attention but, for some reason, I made an exception and I wasn't disappointed! I have found tons of artists since then whose music I adore so much so that I had to share them with you. If you enjoy folky, indie style music from talented musicians I suggest you take a listen for yourself. Of course, the US has it's fair share of talented independent musicians - take Joe Purdy for example and his little ditty 'Just Can't Seem to Get it Right Today' as heard in the new Kia commercial - but it adds an element of interest when you live so far apart they only way to connect is the Internet. And the fact that you don't have to listen to it being played over and over and over on the radio, makes it appeal to me even more. If I ever get a chance to take that long anticipated trip to Australia you will find me front and center at one or all of these!

This is what I'm listening to when I create:

Michael Peter - A very talented artist and someone I've had the pleasure of chatting with. Paper Planes, Twenty Five and Remember Love are my favorites.

Sarah Humphries - "Waiting to Burn" is my theme song!

Marty Simpson - A finalist on Australian Idol

Missy Higgins - Last but not least

Of course this barely scratches the surface but I felt guilty enjoying them without sharing. Have some unique music that you enjoy? Please do share!
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