Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday Sale ~ My Etsy Shop

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

Now you might think, because I love Halloween so much, that I'd have a hard time saying goodbye to it. And I'll admit, as evidenced in the above photo, I wait until the last minute to do so but, the truth is, Halloween is just the begining! For me, the holidays begin on September 30th. That's my birthday. It's the day I can load up on cornstalks, pumpkins (far more than any one person has a right to carve), wheat straw, and colorful mums. It's the day I can beg my husband to drag down the Halloween decorations from the attic and begin the back breaking task of lugging a ridiculous amount of boxes down to the 1st story. It's the day I can ask all of this and no one can say a thing! It's also the day the holiday season, for me, goes into full swing. The house won't go a day for the next 3 months with being covered in decorations. It's the most wonderful time of year! But....before I move on, I must share with you a few last (I promise) Halloween pictures. Afterall, it is Friday the 13th!

Trick or Treating

My Lil Cat in the Hat

OK, Genie! I'm going to be wanting my 3 wishes...

1) More time in a day... 2) More time in a day... 3) More time in a day! Got that?!

The Scare on the Square - Downtown Statesboro, Georgia

The Pumpkin Man

His mom made this!

Cutest Costumes & That's one "ghost" I could never bust!

This Pumpkin's Been Up to Something!

One of my favorite parts of the night...
The Thriller Dance

Thriller Dance Video

Now! I'm fully aware that for those of you who are not Halloween Year Rounders, that this is the last time I can conceiveably get away with celebrating Halloween before you start screaming 'Where's Christmas?'. Good News....It's coming this weekend! Stay tuned!
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