Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My New Job

Every other Tuesday, starting today, June 30th, I have the privlege of posting an art doll history on the Art Dolls Only group blog. In the spirit of magic and Halloween, which is only 123 days away I might add, I decided to do something a little...dark. But as I was doing my research, I was surprised at what I learned.

I hope you'll drop by and check it out, HERE!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Am Honored!

I am terrible at this award thing! I always want to make sure that the giver knows how much I appreciate the award AND be able to award them to someone myself. I never seem to be able to do both at the same time....so here goes part one!

The GourdQueen's SCREAM Award from the GourdQueen herself!

My most recent award is easily one of my most coveted. If you know Linda, The Gourdqueen of Gourdqueen Originals, you know that when she SCREAM!!!'s it's a compliment. To recieve this award from none other than the Gourdqueen herself, well that's just the icing on the cake! Thanks Gourdie!


Kreativ Blogger from Zan Asha of Wild at Heart Art

To be considered creative by another artist is always a compliment, to be considered creative by Zan of Wild at Heart Art is a compliment in a class all by itself! Zan is a multi-talented do-it-all kinda gal and I am honored to be considered a Kreativ Blogger by her. Thanks Zan!


The Renee Award from Gourdie of GourdQueen Originals

Of the awards I have received, I consider this the most special. Not only because it because it was given to me by my friend Gourdie but also because it was created in honor of my friend Renee of Circling My Head. Renee is one of those special people. The kind that you never have to see in person to have touch your soul and the kind that can change the world with the words from her heart. To be worthy of the Renee Award.....I wish! Thanks Gourdie and Renee for being very special people!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer's Eve

I hardly slept a wink all night long
the frogs croaked and the crickets sang along.

There were bangs and clatters
and manical laughter.

Stomping of feet and crashing of drums,
Wind made the house sigh with the rum pa pa pums.

The house shook from the raps on the door
while enormous feet vibrated the floor.

I opened the window and what did I see...

The fairies all gathered around for their dance
the trolls and gollums all were entranced.

The imps all banged on their tiny tin drums
while the naiads in the pond began to hum.

There were shrieks and laughter from the ground to the sky.
Overwhelmed by the magic, I thought I might cry.

Paws on the roof!
A wheel or two, too!
I looked on the lawn but the gang seemed aloof.

On the edge of the woods, she stood looking me
stirring her caldron and sipping her tea.

As the witch approached I knew I would scream
but she knelt very close and whispered - it's all just a dream....

©2009 Jamie Lott

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Art Dolls on TDIPT Mercantile

It's time for my update on the TDIPT Mercantile. The Merc updates twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th of each month. My shop updates on the 15th. You can find Princess Phoebe there now. A word of a caution: Phoebe, with her magic wand, is quite a magical being so don't be surprised if when you visit you feel compeled to bring her home!

Visit My Shop now!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ohhh! Pick Me! Pick Me!

I can't say that I fully understand Etsy yet, having just totally abandoned eBay to take up full residence there, but what I do know is that being featured in a treasury is a big deal! Especially when a fellow artist appreciates your work enough to feature it. I was excited and honored to receive an email from Kathy of With All My Art who'd snagged a treasury today and chosen to feature my Bumble, Bumble Lil Bee! (top left corner) How exciting! Thank you Kathy!

If you'd like to take a look at the full treasury, just click on the screenshot above.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

TDIPT's 100th Post Giveaway

Want to win some wonderful prizes from the artists's of TDIPT Mercantile? Join us for our group's blog 100th post giveaway. We're celebrating this milestone by giving away some awesome prizes! Visit our blog now, Click Here!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Under the Sea Swap Sneak Peek

Zan of Wild at Heart Art is one talented woman! Not only is she an artist, and a fine one at that, but she's a beekeeper, garden guru and super blogger! That's why it's no surprise to me that her Under the Sea Swap was such a great success.

Here's a sneak peek at my creation for my partner KaerieFaire who sent me that delightful Pond Merfaerie. She's making her way to Florida as we speak....I have a feeling she's going to like it there! Afterall, she's more of an ocean kinda gal!

A New Faerie Came to Peach Street

A new faerie came to Peach Street, a Pond Merfaerie she was called....

With tiny, delicate wings so she could escape the frogs.

She was sent to live with The Beldame as part of the Under the Sea Swap

Her maker, Kaerie Faerie, didn't know The Beldame had a pond...

But faeires have a way of getting what they want!

Thank you to Karen of Kaerie Faerie for this delightful addition to the Beldame's brood. She is enjoying her new home on Peach Street....the Shelby Pond.

If you'd like to see a sneek peak of my swap to Karen, please check back on Monday!
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