Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer's Eve

I hardly slept a wink all night long
the frogs croaked and the crickets sang along.

There were bangs and clatters
and manical laughter.

Stomping of feet and crashing of drums,
Wind made the house sigh with the rum pa pa pums.

The house shook from the raps on the door
while enormous feet vibrated the floor.

I opened the window and what did I see...

The fairies all gathered around for their dance
the trolls and gollums all were entranced.

The imps all banged on their tiny tin drums
while the naiads in the pond began to hum.

There were shrieks and laughter from the ground to the sky.
Overwhelmed by the magic, I thought I might cry.

Paws on the roof!
A wheel or two, too!
I looked on the lawn but the gang seemed aloof.

On the edge of the woods, she stood looking me
stirring her caldron and sipping her tea.

As the witch approached I knew I would scream
but she knelt very close and whispered - it's all just a dream....

©2009 Jamie Lott


  1. Wow! Jamie, not only are you an excellent artist, but a wonderful poet, too. I felt as if I were there immersed in your dream.

  2. I love faerie rings, you are so lucky to see it!
    Happy Summer

  3. Haha, it reminded me of "A Night Before Christmas"--though not sure if you did that intentionally or not! Wonderful poem! :)

  4. Jamie that is so beautiful. You always write so lovely.

    I love your new dolls they look fantastic.

    I hope when you got the Renee Award you said 'I am almost Renee's best friend.'

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. har har har.....

    I think we are too funny buddy.


  6. dream on, shining star, dream on!


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