Saturday, June 6, 2009

A New Faerie Came to Peach Street

A new faerie came to Peach Street, a Pond Merfaerie she was called....

With tiny, delicate wings so she could escape the frogs.

She was sent to live with The Beldame as part of the Under the Sea Swap

Her maker, Kaerie Faerie, didn't know The Beldame had a pond...

But faeires have a way of getting what they want!

Thank you to Karen of Kaerie Faerie for this delightful addition to the Beldame's brood. She is enjoying her new home on Peach Street....the Shelby Pond.

If you'd like to see a sneek peak of my swap to Karen, please check back on Monday!


  1. Hehee! I WANT to see what you have up your sleeve! Kaerie's work is amazing--in fact, everyone's creations for this swap have impressed me! Such artistry!

  2. what a fantastic Under the Sea treasure!! She sure does look at home there at Shelby Pond. :)

  3. I know that she will love living with you.


  4. Lovely little faerie looks right at home! What a beautiful creation by Kaerie!

  5. Thank you so much for giving the little Pond Merfaerie such a great home, now she doesn't have to worry about FL alligators anymore!
    Can't wait to see the swap, I so enjoying my very first swap event.
    Thank you to Zan and Jamie

  6. Love your pond fairy...she looks right at home! Susan

  7. Oh well, isn't she sweet... :-)

    Stopping by to see what you are up tooooo..... hehehe
    Hugs, MO


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