Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Shadows Are Coming

Just the other evening I was sitting at the table with my family having dinner. It wasn't quite dark and it wasn't quite light. It was the time of day where there's just enough light so that you can still see but just enough dark to make things interesting. They call this time of day twilight.

I was facing the kitchen windows and every now and again I thought I saw something move just beyond a small scattering of trees in the backyard. Every time I looked up, there was nothing there. Nothing but trees, grass and a light wind gently tossing the grass about. I turned my attention back to my family only to see something in my peripheral vision again. Of course, when I looked up...nothing. It got me to thinking of Pip and his little friends. Something tells me it was them. Mischevious little things...

So, I went out to have a look...

I started to look where I'd first seen the small, dark movement out of the corner of my eye.

Nothing here...

What was that? I'm sure I saw something this time!

Where did it go?

Ahhh here.....

I realized then they'd brought me outside to search for them. They wanted to be found.

~~~~~ The Shadows are Coming ~~~~~


  1. When will the sly little creatures get here? I can't wait!

  2. Oooh, they are sneaky, aren't they?

  3. you are super at building up the suspense of a situation!! :)

  4. Come here to your know I love you!

  5. The Shadows?

    Now you've got my attention.


  6. Oh story teller, please tell me more.


    Where is Pip gone?

  7. Story teller, I love your stories.



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