Sunday, May 17, 2009

Queen Me!

I've always wanted to be Queen. Who hasn't?! And when I can combine being Queen with my love for Halloween....well, let's just say I never dreamed being a Queen could be that good!

My Halloween eBay group, Artistic Halloween Queens, is having a crown swap. Custom made crowns that are befitting only the finest of Queens. My crown arrived last week and I have taken it everywhere. I just wanted to be sure everyone knows I'm a Queen!

The very talented Tammy, of Light and Shadows Studio created my crown and after receiving this awesome work of art I sure do feel like royalty! You really have to see her work to believe how truly fantastic it is. Visit her at Light and Shadows Studio. You'll be as amazed as I am!

Queen of Soccer Moms

Queen of the Pool

Queen of Breakfast in bed

Me as The Queen

My swap partner, God bless her, is still waiting on her crown. She'll be happy to know I completed it today. She was my guinea pig, of sorts, because I decided that during this crown swap challenge I'd try something I'd never done before. Sometimes that's easier said than done. You'll see a couple of sneak peeks below but I can't tell you anymore because I don't want Queen Madame K's surprise to be ruined! I'll show you pics of the completed piece once The Queen has received her crown....stay tuned!

A Crown for a Queen

A is for Anagram

A, B, C, D, E, F, G....I hope Madame K will be happy with me....


  1. I love Tammy's Stuff! Lucky you! What a crown! Haha, and I am sure she is in for a treat as well!! :)


  2. That crown is fit for Queen Beldame! Wow Tammy, I bow to your Queenly abilities! Totally awesome!!
    Jamie I loved how your showed off your crown!

  3. The crown is awesome and befitting it's owner...Great workmanship....Very talented indeed.

  4. Jamie, I must confess... I peeked here at my crown-to-be! Ooo... I am excited by what I see and so looking forward to its arrival!
    It looks very complicated and not like any of my every-day crowns...LOL!

    Your crown from Tammy is wonderful and very halloweeny. Lucky girl!! I especially like the fact that you wear it while having breakfast in bed!

    Thanks and excitedly waiting!

  5. Jamie you are so beautiful even it I just get to see your forehead and eyes.

    Your crown that you made is amazing. Absolutely incredible, you should make one for yourself to keep.

    Love Renee xoxoxo


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