Sunday, September 21, 2008

Available Now on the Merc!

Just updated for the 15th of September. My three exclusive offerings on the Merc. These will be some of the very last of my Halloween 2008 collection so head on over to the Merc today! Here's a sneak peek:

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Swap Gifts

This past week I was involved in two swaps in my eBay groups. My TDIPT (To Dwell in Primitive Thymes) swap partner was Debbie Garlem of Bittersweet Pastimes. I was so excited the day that hubby brought that box into my studio. The first thing I saw was "Garlem" and I knew I was one lucky girl! Here are a couple of pics for you to enjoy:

Isn't my little pumpkin man the cutest?? He has these adorable little clay bats and a precious little face. I also got lots of Halloween treats, Paula Deen cookies and a vanilla walnut candle. Thank you Debbie!!


My second swap was in my Halloween group - AHQU (Artistic Halloween Queens Unite). My swap partner was Lisa Corby of Corbys Cats I got a great version of her infamous Fat Cat. A wonderfully unique stuffed painting and a beautiful ACEO. I love Lisa's paintings! Meet Fat Cat:

My child has claimed Fat Cat as his own! Thank you Lisa!!

My swap partners received a Halloween Top Hat Box. The top of the hat is removeable and the inside housed a pumpkin placecard holder. Some Devestation Prevention Potion that contained chocolate - because, let's be honest, chocolate makes everything better! I also included some fun Halloween yummies, too!

A good time was had by all!

Happy Anniversary to Me!

This week we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. It was a quiet affair with lunch at a local 18th century boarding house style restaurant. My hubby had shopped all over (9 stores) to try and find something in bronze. He is adamant about finding those traditional gifts and apparently the 8th year is bronze. He didn't find anything in bronze and realized how lucky he was not to after a nice sales lady explained that bronze can be quite expensive these days. So, he settled for some bronze "colored" jewelry instead. But the best gift was a gift basket full of Creamy Caramel scented candle and wallflowers from Bath and Body Works. I LOVE that stuff! What made it extra special is that he'd gone up into my studio found a basket, some ribbon, a rusty pumpkin ornie and some tissue paper to put the basket together himself. What's comical about that is I had recently been involved in a gift swap with the gals from TDIPT. He swiped the ribbons I had saved that my wonderful swap partner had used to tie up all my fabulous goodies and even the tissue paper! LOL I must admit, though, his basket looked quite nice.....but he has a good teacher! ;)

My birthday is coming up soon! I always treat myself to some fresh bales of straw, pumpkins, mums and cornstalks. I love this time of year and my birthday is just an excuse to decorate big for my favorite time of year. I am suffering from a head cold today though so I may be delayed in decorating a bit. I hate lying in the bed sick so here I sit at the computer instead. Alternately typing and holding my poor, bloated head in my hands.

I guess I should go and get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I'll feel better then. My plan is to be back over the weekend to share my swap gifts with you and go full swing into Fall on my blog. Off to chug the gatorade and chicken soup in hopes that tomorrow will be a less stuffy, sneezy, achey so I can work better kind of day!

Take Care,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Not Forget

I will never forget where I was and what was doing on this day 7 years ago. It is still as fresh in my memory as the day it happened. I remembered wondering what kind of world I was living in. I was a grown woman, married and well into my 20's but somehow, at that moment, I grew up a little more. The world always seemed safe to me until that day. But rather than learning to be afraid and learning just how much evil there is in ther world, I learned that people are basically good. I watched along with the rest of you as people and animals risked life and limb to save another or, at the very least, to bring closure to another's family. I watched as much of the world cried with us and how each of us felt like New Yorkers and at one with the places that felt the tragedies of that day. I realized just how brave we can be even when we fear for our lives and how that bravery helps us to do the right thing even though it means the ultimate sacrifice. I mourned for the lost that day as I still do now but more importantly I rejoice in being an American, a human. So today if you face brave and in the immortal words of Todd Beamer....Let's Roll!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Postcards from the Edge

Every Labor Day weekend we travel about 6 hours south to Panama City Beach, Florida. It never fails that there is chaos in the tropics when we go because it's right smack in the middle of Hurricane Season. But that never stops us. And it definately couldn't stop me this year because it was my only vacation of the summer and I was bound and determined to see it through! We had blue skies the first two days we were there and then these trecherous clouds began to move in, the wind picked up, the waves doubled then tripled but still we stayed and we loved every minute of it! We played in the ocean, swam in the lagoon pools at the resort, bought some new hermit crabs so our family of hermit crabs already at home (see my previous post on hermit crabs) would have some more company and we stuffed ourselves silly with some of the best seafood the gulf has to offer!

The real reason (supposedly) for our trip is The Battle on the Beach. The Taekwondo tournament that we compete at each year. We all loaded up on Thursday after school, me, my husband, my son and my Korean mother-in-law. 34 hours later we arrived....or maybe I was just desperate for a vacation. Anyway, I was greatful for the getaway and for the hour we gained by crossing over to the central time zone. The little things please me.

We packed up to leave twice waiting on Gustav to make up his mind. But then you know how men are, they will never stop and ask for directions! Come Sunday the sky was swirly and dark and the waves were incredible. The wind had picked up but there was no rain. So intead of leaving we went on go-cart rides and spent all our money at the aracade. By the afternoon we decided that if Gustav did show up on the beach that we had commendered as our vacation spot we'd just try and out run him in the morning. We woke up to a blustery Monday morning but it was full of sunshine and, alas, our vacation was saved.

Not only did we get to enjoy the coastal life while we were there but we also enjoyed a little Korean culture, too. On Friday afternoon my MIL took me to a girls night out complete with poker, wine and authentic Korean food! While it's possible I gained a few unnecessary pounds on vacation, I also gained a new appreciation for different cultures and an unyielding devotion to..... The Weather Channel!

I hope you've enjoyed my postcards from the edge and here's hoping you've gotten to live your own!

A view from our room

The Resort

The Korean Buffet

Our Chefs

My MIL and The Girls

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