Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Not Forget

I will never forget where I was and what was doing on this day 7 years ago. It is still as fresh in my memory as the day it happened. I remembered wondering what kind of world I was living in. I was a grown woman, married and well into my 20's but somehow, at that moment, I grew up a little more. The world always seemed safe to me until that day. But rather than learning to be afraid and learning just how much evil there is in ther world, I learned that people are basically good. I watched along with the rest of you as people and animals risked life and limb to save another or, at the very least, to bring closure to another's family. I watched as much of the world cried with us and how each of us felt like New Yorkers and at one with the places that felt the tragedies of that day. I realized just how brave we can be even when we fear for our lives and how that bravery helps us to do the right thing even though it means the ultimate sacrifice. I mourned for the lost that day as I still do now but more importantly I rejoice in being an American, a human. So today if you face brave and in the immortal words of Todd Beamer....Let's Roll!

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