Friday, September 5, 2008

Postcards from the Edge

Every Labor Day weekend we travel about 6 hours south to Panama City Beach, Florida. It never fails that there is chaos in the tropics when we go because it's right smack in the middle of Hurricane Season. But that never stops us. And it definately couldn't stop me this year because it was my only vacation of the summer and I was bound and determined to see it through! We had blue skies the first two days we were there and then these trecherous clouds began to move in, the wind picked up, the waves doubled then tripled but still we stayed and we loved every minute of it! We played in the ocean, swam in the lagoon pools at the resort, bought some new hermit crabs so our family of hermit crabs already at home (see my previous post on hermit crabs) would have some more company and we stuffed ourselves silly with some of the best seafood the gulf has to offer!

The real reason (supposedly) for our trip is The Battle on the Beach. The Taekwondo tournament that we compete at each year. We all loaded up on Thursday after school, me, my husband, my son and my Korean mother-in-law. 34 hours later we arrived....or maybe I was just desperate for a vacation. Anyway, I was greatful for the getaway and for the hour we gained by crossing over to the central time zone. The little things please me.

We packed up to leave twice waiting on Gustav to make up his mind. But then you know how men are, they will never stop and ask for directions! Come Sunday the sky was swirly and dark and the waves were incredible. The wind had picked up but there was no rain. So intead of leaving we went on go-cart rides and spent all our money at the aracade. By the afternoon we decided that if Gustav did show up on the beach that we had commendered as our vacation spot we'd just try and out run him in the morning. We woke up to a blustery Monday morning but it was full of sunshine and, alas, our vacation was saved.

Not only did we get to enjoy the coastal life while we were there but we also enjoyed a little Korean culture, too. On Friday afternoon my MIL took me to a girls night out complete with poker, wine and authentic Korean food! While it's possible I gained a few unnecessary pounds on vacation, I also gained a new appreciation for different cultures and an unyielding devotion to..... The Weather Channel!

I hope you've enjoyed my postcards from the edge and here's hoping you've gotten to live your own!

A view from our room

The Resort

The Korean Buffet

Our Chefs

My MIL and The Girls


  1. Sounds like a super holiday Jamie with a little adventure thrown in. The weather is fierce. We are getting the remnants of Gustav up here - just a lot of rain! Your little fellow is growing up so fast! take care. Joni

  2. Looks like a fantastic holiday Jamie...what a wonderful!!! I would love to see a storm like that with huge waves and such..but i'm kinda!!!

    Being pleased by the little things is a wonderful gift..cherish it :)


  3. Beautiful pictures, awesome captions...and that FOOD! Girl, can I come with ya'll next trip :)?

  4. oh man Jamie, I would have loved to tag along w/ you! I love the beach, and of course, it's always fun to try different culture food!
    Your sweet Braden looks like he had a balst!

    mmm, the Asian food looks appetizing!

  5. Wonderful postcards from the edge! Glad you had a great vacation!

    Creative Blessings,

    Lisa :)


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