Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life as we know it...

changed forever on August 4, 2008. Our one and only child went off to Kindergarten. Yes I know many people have done it and lived through it but the hardest thing I've ever had to do was drive away from his poor little sad face, full of tears, his body shaking all over.

But then I got to pick up this face. Full of the joy of 'Thank God it's over!' mixed with a little 'I did it!'. Of course, the tears continued every morning that first week but they were less and less serious and we heard things like 'don't you even miss me?' and other phrases that break your heart.

And since that day we've all grown up a little. Probably more than we wanted to, more than we were ready for. But it's inevitable....our babies grow up.


  1. Jamie, what a difference a day can make! So sad and lonely in the morning and you can feel his happiness in the afternoon picture.
    I know that had to be a bittersweet experience for you.

  2. Awww...I've been wondering how the first day went for ya'll. Isn't this Motherhood stuff tough :)?!? Growing is so hard. Hope both of you are having a great week :).

  3. Awww... Jamie. It's so hard to see them grow up so fast! Thanks for sharing your little cutie's first day of school with us. I miss those days... Hugs, Starla :)

  4. Hi Jamie, when you get a moment I hope you'll pop over to my blog where I have a little something waiting for you.

    Cathy :)

  5. AHHH my son just went off too, I cried for an hour after leaving him.

    Be sure to stop by my blog as I have an award for you :)


  6. Oh how well I remember that moment. I only have one child too and it was so hard that first day. I cried all the way home. I'm so glad he (and you...LOL) made it through the day. smiles - BJ

  7. awww Jamie your baby is such a sweet darling! I hope by now he's better adjusted, and the parting is easier for both of you :)


  8. OOOOOHHHH...Don't you hate daughter now 22 couldn't wait to go to school and smiled her way through every first day from K-12 and is now a blissfully happy college 19...cried like your little fella ..for each first day until 4th grade...he of course got better as he got older..but leaving him in tears that first day of kindergarten just about killed me....I took him off to college last weekend...and i was the one in tears!

    August 4th...that's seems so early to start.


  9. this is so sweet - what a feeling that must've been ♥


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