Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me!

This week we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. It was a quiet affair with lunch at a local 18th century boarding house style restaurant. My hubby had shopped all over (9 stores) to try and find something in bronze. He is adamant about finding those traditional gifts and apparently the 8th year is bronze. He didn't find anything in bronze and realized how lucky he was not to after a nice sales lady explained that bronze can be quite expensive these days. So, he settled for some bronze "colored" jewelry instead. But the best gift was a gift basket full of Creamy Caramel scented candle and wallflowers from Bath and Body Works. I LOVE that stuff! What made it extra special is that he'd gone up into my studio found a basket, some ribbon, a rusty pumpkin ornie and some tissue paper to put the basket together himself. What's comical about that is I had recently been involved in a gift swap with the gals from TDIPT. He swiped the ribbons I had saved that my wonderful swap partner had used to tie up all my fabulous goodies and even the tissue paper! LOL I must admit, though, his basket looked quite nice.....but he has a good teacher! ;)

My birthday is coming up soon! I always treat myself to some fresh bales of straw, pumpkins, mums and cornstalks. I love this time of year and my birthday is just an excuse to decorate big for my favorite time of year. I am suffering from a head cold today though so I may be delayed in decorating a bit. I hate lying in the bed sick so here I sit at the computer instead. Alternately typing and holding my poor, bloated head in my hands.

I guess I should go and get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I'll feel better then. My plan is to be back over the weekend to share my swap gifts with you and go full swing into Fall on my blog. Off to chug the gatorade and chicken soup in hopes that tomorrow will be a less stuffy, sneezy, achey so I can work better kind of day!

Take Care,


  1. Happy Anniversary...and Happy Birthday as well!!!

    What a beautiful wedding photo :)


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I almost asked you today how long you've been married!
    And what lovely gifts from your man!

  3. What a beautiful wedding photo, Jamie! Sounds like you had a wonderful Anniversary!



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