Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Flutterby Doll
Prim & Whimsy Gallery Hop

Momma Flutterby and Baby Flutterby are now available on the second ever Prim & Whimsy Gallery Hop. Click the Prim & Whimsy Banner above to visit the artists' galleries. Be sure to take a peek at Momma Flutterby and her baby. They are avaialbe for purchase now on Prim & Whimsy's Gallery Hop.


  1. Jamie I love her! Her colors are so soft and soothing. Very prim and sweet!

  2. your dolls are just wonderful, I just love them!
    kaerie faerie

  3. They are so beautiful my friend... Love them!!! Hugs, MO

    Rob (kitten) is mine.... :-)

  4. Jamie, I don't want to alarm you but I feel Pip is very unhappy! It has nothing to do with his new family but he just really was hoping to go SOUTH! Poor Pip!

    You need to check my blog to see what I shared with you.

  5. I miss you.... I sent you an email....where are you Jamie! ??? Hugs, and loves... MO

    I love Rob

    Rob loves me


  6. Madam Flutterfly is gorgeous. What a wonderful job.

    Love Renee xooxox


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