Monday, April 23, 2012

A Sweet Celebration - 1st Birthday Party

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My niece's first birthday was a sweet celebration indeed. With a candy theme and a baby with those cheeks, how could it not be!

My SIL and I had a blast DIYing this party, from the pom poms hanging from the ceiling to the amazing party hats that she created.

We made custom printables to adorn the delicious desserts that the party's theme was centered around.

And aren't these hats amazing? They were created using scrapbook paper, cardboard cutouts sprayed with Krylon's glitter spray paint and tissue paper.

And of course the birthday girl had her very own blinged out version!

She rocked it, no?

You might remember this highchair transformation that I blogged about here, 'A Truly High Chair'. It remains one of my most favorite things I've transformed.

The first time I ever did a photo booth was for my son's first birthday, 'A Carnival 1st Birthday', and I don't think our family could ever have a party without one now.

And by family, I mean the dogs, too.

I hope this has inspired you in some way for your next party. If so, please take a moment and leave me a comment. They are always greatly appreciated!

Happy Monday,


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it still!!!! Thanks so much AGAIN!!!! Can't wait until the boys' birthdays this year and Sophie's next year!!!

  2. Look at those bright cheerful colors and yummy desserts!! No one can be unhappy at a party like this!!
    What a little cutie she is, too, that Birthday Girl!!


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