Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My secret world....

Pssst.....pssst. No! Down here!

Oh hello! I do apologize if I've startled you. No, no I am not this Jamie you speak of. Please allow me to explain and, of course, introduce myself...oh! You cannot see me, you say?! That just won't do! Oh whatever will I do....

Perhaps if I share my secrets with you, you will be able to see me. I'll take you on an adventure through my secret world and tell you about the creatures who live here. There are some who would not take kindly to my sharing this with strangers but since you're here, I suspect you have an appreciation for all things magical and enchanted. And you can keep a secret, can't you? In the meantime, watch your step, I don't fancy being stepped upon!

My story beings here, along a seemingly ordinary road of dirt...not just any dirt, of course. There is magic here, if only you will take the time to see it...

Here is Faery Hollow. This is where the faeries live...do you see them?

No, I expect not. Well then, come along.

This is where the faeries dance....

A faery dance is unlike anything you've ever seen. I really wish you could see them....

There are Hobbits here, too and while they aren't the brightest of creatures they're certainly among the happiest. Take a close look....see anything??

Well you must get closer, Dear. These are wee creatures after all....

Oh dear! I do think I've been spotted...

Oh, of course, it's a wee one...the little ones always see me.

I never have understood how the older you beings get the less you see...

I'd love to have you meet old Mrs. Wicket. She's a delightful toad who lives amongst the toadstools. Perhaps she'd be willing to come out for a visit one day soon...

Now, I know you've all been taught to be afraid of trolls but it's all rubbish, I tell you! Elias lives here and as you can see he takes quite good care of the place and is always ready with tea and crumpets for visitors. How do' Elias!

Welcome to the Blackberry Briar. You can go in if you like. It's the only real way to see the creatures who live here. Of course, I'll wait out here. The prickly branches reek such havoc on my wings....

I've shown you most of the magical places here but I'll bet there's one place you haven't thought to look....LOOK UP! What do you see.....

And here we are at The Bridge of Sighs...it's the only way to The Other Side. We do not like to speak of The Other Side but it isn't all rainbows and sunshine in my world anymore than it is in yours.

Yes, there is The Other Side, but we needn't speak of that just now....

There is one last secret I haven't shared with you. The biggest of them all. It's the story of the Beldame. Legend has it, she created us all with the magic she keeps locked up in her workshop. It is said that by the light of the moon she creates all of the creatures, who before, only existed in her dreams.

Oh, 'who am I?', still can't see me, eh? Ahhh well, maybe I've shared enough for today. But I will tell you this! Meet me here, Sunday, April 19th. I've taken up the 99th post on this blog and something tells me there'll be something special waiting for you then. Perhaps this will be the best time for proper introductions....

So....Sunday, April 19th, come and allow me to properly introduce myself and perhaps I'll share more about the Beldame...something tells me you'll like her.

Oh! Must go....I think I've been discovered!

Hey! Who's written all of this on my blog?!



  1. Jamie, what fun have you instore for us this Sunday?! Can't wait and very happy 99th!!


  2. You nut...can't wait will our "boy" be there? LOLOLOL!!! Does he live in the fairy forest?

    big hugs.... MO

  3. What fun Jamie...I'll be back on Sunday!


  4. Hey Jamie...someone hacked into your blog...LOL!! I will have to pop back in :o)...

  5. How fun! You can bet I'll be checking back on Sunday!


  6. Ohhh How exciting ! Hope to see Edward there . :)

  7. Oooh what fun! Looking forward to being properly introduced :]

  8. Oh Jamie, it all sounds so magical!

    I just love it!
    Can't wait until Sunday!


  9. What a delightful post, I'm so happy to read faerie stories, on one of my favorite blogs, thank you
    can't wait till Sunday
    Kaerie Faerie

  10. Jamie, LOVE this! By the way, I highlighted this on my art blog to spread the word:

  11. that has to be about the best, most delightfully mysterious build ups to enchantment ... ever!

    Can't wait for Sunday!!

  12. What fun and great pictures, I will be here Sunday! It reminds me of the Spiderwick Chronicles.

  13. hehehehe.... naughty... guess you better go back over there...look on the right... has your name "ALL OVER" it

    Hahahahaha... Hugs my sweet... MO

  14. Magic is in the air and I love it. Jamie this is pure magic.

    Thank you.

    Renee xoxo

  15. Thank you Jamie, you made me a believer. I will have to make sure you visit me every four months at the very least.

    This is a magical post and I love hearing you tell stories.

    Love Renee xoxoo

  16. Jamie -

    Wonderful story. I really enjoyed lil' Pip.


  17. Jamie I want to thank you.

    You may not know what a difference you made for me this time to get my results.

    I was really nervous on a sunday night because the next day I was to get results. just before i went to bed i read your email that you were betting on me.

    when at the doctors i remember thinking jamie is betting on me this time maybe it will be okay

    and then it was.

    jamie isn't funny how someone reaches out and you probably didn't even know how much those words meant to me and helped carry me through.

    Love Renee xoxoo

  18. Darling Jamie:

    I don't know if you want me to publish that comment or just hold it because it had personal stuff for you. I love the comment and will wait your call on it.

    Jamie like I mentioned above it was like a gift to me. Because you just stated it and that you were betting on me. For me that is all I ever need, not the long winded (like I am) but just some simple faith and love. I thank you for it.

    And you know what Jamie, compassion should never make you feel like an ass it is appreciated by us that are seriously hurting. If someone says to me 'well i could get hit by a bus and oh you will live forever' I say 'go fuck yourself.' Because they are just spouting cliches. I knew that you cared. I know that you care.

    I want you to know that I care about you too.

    Believe me if this woman had something negative to say about you, she really doesn't know you at all.

    Those kind of people aren't worth your breath. If she was someone you truly care about and her opinion matters I would try to fix it, otherwise, screw her.

    Love you. Renee xoxoxo

  19. Jamie I just re-read your comment and I hope that I can post it because I think it is not only so complimentary about my blog, but also because it is what I would like my blog to be. Honest, put it out there, no judgement, but lots of support.

    You write beautifully and I wanted to tell you that I am looking forward to many more of your storeis.


  20. Jamie you have some very neat characters. Nice blog site.


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