Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IT'S A.....

Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails. These are the things little boys are made of. That, and a whole lotta cuteness...

I was excited, and not at all surprised, to find out that we are expecting our second boy in September. My own Boys Club with me smack dab in the middle. I love my boys!

Isn't it amazing the little baby you see in the picture is only about 4" long and has only been in my tummy for 3 short months! Truly a little miracle. I am anxious to know what he will look like. We knew from a profile pic of our first, when he was a little further along, that he was going to look like me. Same long forehead, nose and pouty lips. I was NOT prepared for my child, who has a Korean grandmother, to have blond hair, blue eyes and light skin like me, however. I wonder if this little boy will look more like daddy. Chiseled nose, jawline, dark skin and black hair? Daddy says if this one doesn't look like him, he gives up! LOL


  1. LOL! Never give up! This is so precious, After all the sonograms I've looked at over the years, I still can't tell how it's a boy or girl without someone pointing "it" out.

    The best, Lisa

  2. Congrats my sweet tart!!! Yippeeeeee!!! Mo

  3. Congrats to you & yours! There is no greater gift than a sweet baby! xxx

  4. Awww, that is so wonderful Jaimie! Many blessings to your little family :)

  5. What great news, Jamie! Boys rule! I'm happy for you.

  6. Wow - congratulations, don't you just love technology :O)

  7. Congrats Jamie, this is going to be a very handsome baby boy, I can not wait to see pictures.Hugs~~Pam

  8. Missing you Jamie! I have been thinking about you lately!! Such exciting news about a new little one in your family! Congrats my friend!



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