Monday, June 23, 2008

New eBay Listing

Just listed! My latest Halloween creation is now available on eBay.

Don't miss her! She's a One of a Kind, Peach*Street*Primitives Original creation!
Please click here to visit my auction!


  1. Very interesting!
    I like photos;
    I begin, recently, to make two blogs, one of them with more photos - named and another about cooking, but without images, yet, named
    Please, take a look, and tell me your opinion.
    The music of jour blog is so nice!

  2. she is lovely Jamie - I would love to see more of the sweet lumina you are using as your avatar too! She looks like a striking beauty as well ♥

  3. oh my gosh...that is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! You are sooo talented!!!!


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