Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All Dressed Up with Some Place to Go...

Preparing for a show is alot of work!

Sometimes it requires power tools...

Other times, handsome elves.

Supplies can be fragile

and it's frustrating when they break!

But then it all comes together, eventually, and sometimes there's even a delightful face staring back at you.
It's all worth it then.

Sometimes you spend tons of time on your bright ideas.

You stain, paint (spend too much money) and envision a vintage bigtop tent...

but you wind up with the plain tent you started with and even though that "bright" idea didn't go as planned, you've got yourself some pretty fancy tablecloths!

When the gluing, painting, stuffing (cursing) and preparing is done...

you've got a whole crowd of new whimsies to cheer you on.

Only problem is, they're worn out, too!

I'm all done getting ready for my upcoming art show, the Norcross Art Fest. We're loading everything up tonight and will be off tomorrow afternoon for what will be my very first show.

Join me here on my blog Saturday and Sunday for live twitter feed updates and pictures from the show. Pics of the motley crew I've created to take with me, the tent that turned into a table cloth and various works of art from among the other 100+ artists who'll be at the show with me.

Off to load the crew into the van!



  1. Good Luck, Jamie! I hope it's a great success, and you have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Wow Jamie! Good for you! I am so excited for you! Your work looks amazing, can't wait to see what goes on! :) Remember to breathe, and have fun!

  3. Jamie dear girl Happy Birthday.

    I was just picturing your Mom if she was here saying "Jamie, this is so exciting, and you are going to do so well, and you are such a fantastic artist, and oh, I love you so much."

    By the way, what a nice looking elf, is that what they look like in your part of town.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Just found your post......I paint for a shop called Country Plus in Hopkinton MA. We are doing the Folk Art Festival of New England at the end of the month.....we are a late entry...and I'm in a panic to get it all done...LOL!
    Best of luck!

  5. Hi Jamie
    Good luck with the show. all the best! I know you will be a HUGE success! your pieces are just wonderful.. you've come a long way babe from when we first met each other :) hugs Joni


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