Friday, April 11, 2008

My Inheritance

My great-aunt and uncle both passed away last year within 3 months of each other. They had been married for 65 years. Aunt Tee & Uncle Corny....
On Wednesday their 50 acre farm sold. This farm was where we gathered at holidays. There are pictures of me as an infant enjoying thanksgiving there and 30 years later there are pictures of my son having his first Thanksgiving. Aunt Tee was an avid gardener. If a good gardener has a green thumb, my aunt had 5 green fingers. Before closing on Wednesday, I went back to my hometown, to my family's farm for the very last time. Of the 50 acres they owned, at least 10 of them were covered in flowers and trees my aunt and uncle planted. I spent 5 hours there, unearthing everything from pecan trees, plum trees, dogwoods, camalias, conferderate roses, rose bushes and thousands of bulbs - everything from daylilies, glads, irises, daffodils to amarylis. I dug, I dug and then I dug some more. I was a diggin' fool. I never could keep up with my aunt, even when I was little. I have a distinct memory of jogging along behind her in the Kmart when I was five. Even then, when she was a full 60 years older than me, I couldn't keep up. I knew her spirit was guiding me when well into the third hour of digging my four year old said 'where can I lay down mama?'. He couldn't keep up!

I have the 17 trees planted already. Just in time for the frost that's expected for next week. Arrgghhh. Now all I can do is pray that they make it. The blooms, pecans and plums will be so much sweeter just because of where they came from. There are still thousands of bulbs that need planting. Maybe I'll get to those this weekend. For now, I leave you with pictures of my inheritance. A living reminder of my family and the beautiful world that God created. Imagine the beauty my family is enjoying heaven.

Some things to look forward to this weekend:
1) My E-mail list give-away winner
2) The TDIPT Mercantile updates on the 15th
3) My website update. I will be adding some new things!
4) I will be listing some new pieces on eBay!



  1. Jamie, I enjoyed hearing about your memories w/ your Aunt. There is just nothing like family! The farm sounds wonderful, and I felt like I was visiting too, w/ your description of it, w/ all the plants and trees and such!

    I love to visit your blog, and I have something for you on mine. I hope you will stop by for a visit!

  2. I sure hope all your transplants take for you......:)


  3. ME TOO Joann! ME TOO!! ;)
    Thanks for visiting!
    ~ Jamie

  4. Oh Jamie! What an inheritance to have! You will remember your Great Aunt & Uncle every time you see their flowers in blooms. A Lovely Tribute indeed. Hugs, Starla :)

  5. What great memories you have of your Aunt and Uncle...many great stories to share and pass down to your family. I love that you have rescued these beuatiful living memorials to carry on in your new home. Hugs--S

  6. What a wonderful tribute Jamie :).
    I have given you an "award". Stop by when you have a free moment so you can come and pick it up :).

    Punkin' Doodle Boo Folk Art


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