Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Bessie! What'd you expect!

Bless her heart! Poor Bessie is quite the recluse for most of the year but on Valentine's she is just like every other girl, looking for a Valentine. It doesn't help that sissy is a social butterfly and the reigning Valentine Queen.

'Why can't I find a Valentine sissy?'

'Oh Bessie! What'd you expect!'

Bessie is a collage painting done in acrylics on an 8 x 16 wrapped canvas and is sealed in beeswax. She will come to you signed, dated and ready to hang. She is currently available on my website by clicking here. Any inquiries, please feel free to contact me.


  1. She is amazing and I'm sure much deeper than Sissie.



  2. Jamie, thank you for that most wonderful compliment.

    I am glad you like my words better than the pictures because the words are mine and the pictures are not.

    After two years of chemo I started to download pictures just so I could see something positive. I downloaded from all over and I don't know where the art is from or who did it. Now of course if I see a picture I ask the artist if I can use it, but 99% of it is stolen. I admit it. I wish now though that I knew the name of the people and could credit them. But.....

    Jamie I love your work, all of it.

    You are right about the pitty and many times I am angry but mostly I'm not. A funny thing -- I never thought why me, because really why not me.

    It is when I am seeing children at the hospital now that drives me crazy.

    Thank you for visiting me and now I am going to try once again to attach myself as a follower to your blog, for some reason it won't let me.

    Love Renee

  3. Jamie,
    I LOVE your music. I am keeping your blog up as I make cheese and bread this morning just so I can hear all your selections!

  4. Jamie - I just love your paintings ... each one is such a sweet treasure with a solemn heart.

    One day sister, I'll have one for my own! :)


  5. She is soooo adorable....something compelling about her expression. Love her. Still trying to find out how to sign up for your give away too. By the way Claire de Lune is my utmost favorite sound in the world! thanks, bonnie


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