Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Art! Available Now....

I've listed a unique Folksy Needlefelted Rabbit on eBay. Check him out Here

I've also updated my Etsy shop with lots of lovelies. I hope you'll drop by for a visit.

Here's a sneak peek!


  1. I love the needle felted rabbit!!

  2. all these wonderful things Jamie!


  3. Q: how do you catch a unique rabbit?

    A: unique up on it!

    lol - sorry, couldn't help it. Rabbit is pretty darn adorable & the new etsy additions are terrific, too. :)

  4. I'd love to take credit for it ... unfortunately I can't - it's an oldie. :)

    you totally should check out the Black Heart thing. Now that I've added it, I guess I have to come up with something. Thinking cap ... where oh where did I leave it?!?

  5. Just checked out all your new work, it is fantastic. I love the wish one with the rabbit and the rabbit doll on ebay is outstanding.

    Why oh why can't I be rich? Or at least have a doll hair that equaled the US doll hairs.

    Thanks for being my character witness.

    Love Renee

  6. I'm back to listen to your music.
    LOL. And I like your art too.


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