Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ghosts of Savannah Georgia

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah Georgia has some interesting history of it's own.
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The city of Savannah is literally built on its dead. Cemeteries were built on the edge of the settlement. As the colony grew into a port city the cemeteries were absorbed and homes and businesses built on former burial sites. Some of the dead were moved, some probably weren't. And some just turn up. A mummified body was found in the walls of the Foley House some years back.

Oglethorpe's founding of the city is famous in great part because of his venture into urban planning. But, what did his plan involve? What was its basis? Historians have speculated on its origins, perhaps in freemasonry or the Biblical design of Solomon's Temple. Perhaps there is more to the city's plan than we know or imagine. By one measurement - using cubits - the original city was a square 1000 cubits on a side. The square is an important pattern in occult lore, a magical square can be used to trace a talisman to achieve a purpose or set a tone or direction for an ongoing enterprise. Could this plan have been, in effect, a magical design of such power and persistence that spirits are trapped between two planes of existence? No one knows.

Whatever Savannah's mystical connections, there is one thing that is certain. A lot of people seem to believe they have had paranormal experiences in the city. There are hundreds of ghost stories. And strange occurrences connected to the paranormal still occur. Just recently a local woman who had organized "Psychic Fairs" was brutally murdered and dismembered, allegedly by her father. That should be enough to set another spirit adrift or at least fuel tales until well into the next century.

The above is an excerpt taken from:
Compiled from published reports and other reliable sources by Jess C. Henderson

Join me on Friday for the story of Bonaventure, how it was once the site of a grand plantation, how it became a cemetery and how, some say, you can still hear the sounds of the final dinner party held at the plantation...the Eternal Dinner party.


  1. Jamie I am sorry that your Mom had to go through that and that you had to experience any of it.

    The good thing is that your son never will, he will never know have to live what some children (you) had to see first hand and for that I am so thankful.

    Jamie you are an amazing person and always remember even though the enemy may live in your head that is a very big place to live. So he is only allowed one brain cell to exist on.

    Jamie, don't let your past pollute the present.

    I adore you.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  2. lovely picture..... and interesting post... thank you for sharing...


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