Monday, April 25, 2011

Priorities, Choices, Decisions........Oh My!

{Decorations on our Lent Tree}

Love. Love. Love.

Love is all you need.

{Egg Hunt 2011}

Cause sometimes you have to make choices.

{First trip to the beach}

Sometimes the decisions are hard.

{Teddy Bear Hospital 2011}

Other times they're easy.

{Lent Tree}

The same weekend as my art show, in Dunwoody, Ga, my sweet little boy will be receiving his first Holy Communion. So. I have decided not to attend the art show. Alot of hard work and anticipation went into preparing for this show. But it turns out, this decision....

{The Boys - Love. Love. Love.}

...was one of the easy ones.

I have lots to share with you in the coming weeks, including all of the work I had done for my art show, as well as a special event. I hope you'll stay tuned!

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  1. now. i don't like kids (i mean, i have some but they're pretty much the only ones i like. most days they are questionable too.)


    as far as kids go,

    yours are pretty cute.

    especially that teddy bear hospital picture.
    crap. that was cute.

    look. for best friends, we don't complain to one another as much as we should.
    i've got some complaining to do, so kindly undissappear soon

    probably there IS NO correct spelling for undisappear, so i am going to stop trying.


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