Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year - Time to Organize

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I am not a clean freak. I love a clean house but I hate to clean one. I am, however, a neat freak. If these people I live with would just put their crap back where it came from I'd be a much happier person!

I already hate cleaning. Is having to tidy up before I can clean up going to make me any more likely to do it? Um, no. But it's hard, especially after Christmas, to find a place for everything and if it doesn't have a place to go, chances are, it'll stay where it's at. And I can't have that. I can't.

Here are some ways I plan to organize in the new year to help us put things back where they belong.

Kitchen Cabinets upgrade to Glide-Outs contemporary kitchen

I would give a million dollars to be able to put my Kitchen Aid in a cabinet and save my already minuscule counter space.

San Francisco Inner Sunset Victorian traditional kitchen

Yes. Yes. Yes. Why didn't I think of that!


This year, somebody really must do something about the Hell-Hole (aka - The Garage)


Another one of those, Why didn't I think of that?, moments. A tension rod to hold your stuff. Genius.

The Container Store

FEET - n. Objects used for finding Legos in the dark

Can you identify? Here's the solution. Of course, you have to get those little Lego loving fiends to pick them up for it to work. Good luck with that.

Do your linen closets look like this? Yep. Mine neither.

Let the organizing begin!


  1. These are all brilliant ideas!! I am totally in love with the garage containers on the ceiling idea. Wonder if I could implement that??!!! TKS!

  2. In a perfect world, right?!

    I do love the tension rod under the sink...that just seems so easy!

    I think if my Hubby opened our linen closet, and it looked like that, he'd think I was bodysnatched or something....haha!


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