Thursday, July 12, 2007

Angels for Brianna Auction Update

The Angels for Brianna Auction is going well. I wanted to update everyone on it's progress so far. Please note all the kinks have been worked out and the site is fully operational. A new email address had been created to handle the vast emails : .

If you haven't already participated in this auction, please consider doing so. I can't imagine anything worse than the loss of a child. This family has had to deal with so much and now on top of everything are the mounting medical bills. In just 8 short months Brianna's medical bills have totalled aprroximately $3 million dollars. Insurance only covered $2 million. Over $1 million dollars in medical bills...please do what you can to support this family! The auction ends on Saturday, 6:30 PST. At the end of the auction we will post final bids and leave them there.

Here are some exciting statistics:

Funds raised total: $ 11,164.00
including donations of $2,670

Stats are:
3334 unique visitors
7800 hits from all over the world.

Keep up the great work & help us spread the word!

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