Friday, October 24, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Carving, Charlie Brown!

I've invested in an electric pumpkin carver and let me just tell you, it's the best 7.99 and tax I've ever spent!

Hello, my name is Jamie and I am addicted to Halloween!
This is for my new friend, and fellow Halloween addict, Carolyn....

I had every intention of catching this post, that I scheduled in advance, before it posted so that I could add the pics. The truth is I've been partying like it's Halloween - groan-up style - and the time just got away from me! Here are pics!


  1. A Halloween addict...just my kinda gal! So show us what you made with it already...LOL

  2. LOL Jamie...when did you find the time to sleep! LOVE, Love, love the JOLs they rock!

  3. How awesome, Jamie! Your son must love all of the gorgeous decorations, And, I'll bet all of your neighbors do, too.

  4. DID you carve ALL those punkin's?


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