Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Candy The Chandy - A Partial Reveal

I knew immediately upon taking the picture that this tree in my backyard needed a chandelier, too. I mean, could you imagine....a nice garden party with that thing all lit up on a summer's night! Mmmmmm

But this big gal is going in my dining room so I'll have to scour Craigslist for the outside one later. Because, yes, I really meant that my tree needed a chandelier. You thought I was kidding?

But before Candy takes her place above Shelia, she must have a makeover. She had a little rust that needed removing with a wire brush but I've gotta tell ya, I found myself hoping that the spray paint would eventually flake off the rusty areas because I couldn't help thinking how pretty that might look. However, Krylon is awesome so no flaking here.

Gaaahhhh! Isn't she pretty! This is just after one coat. I wound up putting two coats on her which took 5 1/2 cans of Krylon Gloss White.

I'm calling this a partial reveal because after I we got her all hung up, and I almost peed my pants she was so gorgeous, I decided she wasn't quite finished yet.

She needs just a little something more and maybe a little something more after that. Hopefully she'll be all gussied up soon because I can't wait for you to see her. She might just be the prettiest thing in the room. Maybe. Shelia isn't speaking to me.

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  1. Hi Jamie!
    Can't wait to see her hanging above that BEAUTIFUL table of yours!



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