Thursday, July 28, 2011

Candy the Chandy......Um, A Reveal?

We've covered this before. I don't like brass. But this chandelier didn't work for more than that reason alone. With the striped wall and long table, it just looked way too small. I considered painting it until I found this beauty on Craigslist for $30.

It was at this moment I nearly peed my pants with excitedment. I held my breath when we flipped that breaker. She actually turned on.....

and it was at that moment I promptly changed my mind. Something wasn't right. Was she too big for the room? She seemed so imposing. Beautiful, but imposing.

I went to bed so I could "sleep on it". The next morning I realized what was wrong. She was too white. And being as big as she was and as bright white as she was made her look heavy and imposing. I immediately knew the solution.

Glaze! I didn't glaze all of her. I like the white (just not quite so much of it).

I only glazed the detailed areas.

Much better! I don't know how to explain it but something about glazing those small details tempered that bright white so that it wasn't quite so imposing. Not that you can really tell here in these pics. It was just something you had to see in person.

All done! Right? Well. I'm really considering putting lamp shades on her. With all the hard lines in the room; the striped walls, the large rectangular table, I think she (and the room) could use a little more softening up.

Fabric shades would do just that. The problem is, I found the perfect color but they were too small. I found the perfect size but they weren't the right color.

So. For now she'll stay like this.

And I'll love her just the way she is.

Because she is beautiful, isn't she!


  1. You've inspired I wish I didn't give away my brass chandy! Oh well, sure to find another in need of paint!


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