Monday, August 1, 2011

The Georgia Aquarium

Sometimes it's easy to forget all of the cool things in your own "backyard".

The Georgia Aquarium is only about 4 hours away and well worth the trip.

I think jellyfish are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

This little creature is pretty beautiful, too.

I was amazed at what a good time he seemed to be having even though I thought he'd be way too young to enjoy it.

The fish swimming overhead intriqued him.

The upside down jellyfish intriqued me.

So did the whale shark. His mouth is 4 - 5ft wide but his throat is only about the size of a quarter. He doesn't eat anything in this aquarium.

UPS delivers whale sharks. Just FYI in case you're considering one.

Someone better buy me the scuba tour for my birthday!

These Rays were huge.


I know I must be weird but I really like sharks. Of course, one has never tried to taste me so I guess it's easy to say on that side of things.

He thinks they're cool too but every time we read the Shark Encyclopedia before bed he asks to sleep with me.

Look Pax! Some one's waving at you in there!

Cherished Memories


Hey Look! It's Patrick!

Giant Japanese Spider Crabs. Do they give you the hebejebes?

My favorite, The Beluga.

Crawl through the tunnels to watch the River Otters. I did.
Don't punk out like most of the other adults. You can so fit in the tunnel. I did.

Ever wanted to pet a Sting Ray? Go ahead. They don't mind. They feel a little slimy though.

Momma, why is that alligator white?

The "coolest thing in here": The Electric Eel

The coolest boy in here: Mr. B

Even if the Georgia Aquarium isn't in your backyard, you really should go. Did you know they even do sleepovers? I might have to get in on that. That and the scuba dive. By the way, my birthday's in September.


  1. Oh oh oh oh oh are so lucky! What a stunning place!! WOW!! The closest zoo or aquarium is several hundred miles away..I miss them! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!

  2. Really Sarah? We don't have anything very close to us here in the Boondocks either. But I guess four hours isn't bad!

    We did have a great time. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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