Friday, September 30, 2011

We Gone Party Like It's My Birthday!

Today, because it is my birthday, and because I like to get ready for my favorite time of year on my birthday, that's exactly what we're gonna do! For 31 whole days!

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, Peach Street's 31 days of Halloween will be jam-packed with tutorials, DIY decor, freakishly delish recipes, ghost stories and more!

We'll welcome some special guests on halloween makeup and the paranormal. Plus, we'll discover the greatest handmade costumes out there!

And, last but certainly not least, I am excited to announce the upcoming launch of my YouTube channel. I'll be offering you DIY decor, tutorials, recipes and more in video....which I have to admit, the idea of, is really kinda creepin' me out. Do you want to see me on video??

I hope you'll join me for what's sure to be an awesome time. And, if you're brave, grab a button and share the love.


  1. I live in Scotland (but I'm American) and none of my friends decorate for Halloween. So I'm totally looking forward to reading along!! :)

  2. Well, Happy, happy day! I'm excited about a month long of Autumn/Halloweeny goodness!

  3. Annie, I think you need to start a new trend in Scotland and go crazy with Halloween decor. Who knows! You may actually start something! ;)

    This really messes with my plan of living Halloween?


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