Saturday, October 1, 2011

Love the Fall ~ Day 1

It's like I can smell it coming. Fall. I swear, the first hint of a cool breeze in the air and my whole body gets happy. I love the smells, the food, the colors. Everything about fall.

My Ode to Fall....Ahem....

I love partying at The Mouse's House, themed for Halloween. I love playing dress-up and everything in between.

I love all the scary bits and the fun and whimsy, too. It's a rule, I must watch the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every year, how 'bout you?

Pumpkin carving, mums and a carnival with all those lights! A light never looked lovlier than on a cool fall night.

Ok. I admit it. I am super duper cheesy but I do love the Fall. Do you? Let's play dress-up tomorrow! Want to?


  1. Yay! I love that you're doing this! Fall is my favorite time of the year, too!

  2. Fun! I'm a fellow 31 day Blogger, blogging about 31 Days of Autumn Inspiration. Looking forward to reading all of your Halloween goodness!


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