Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy World Zombie Day ~ Day 8

Did you know it is World Zombie Day? Did you know there was such a thing? Well. There is. And it's today. So I hope your zombie day was a happy one.

If you were unaware of World Zombie Day I consider it my duty, not only as a Halloween and zombie lover but also as a cheesy zombie movie lover, to inform you. You may find additional information on World Zombie Day here:

Find out how to zombify your photos here:
If you don't have photoshop, or don't want to go to the trouble, you can always zombify your photos with Picnik. Upload a pic, navigate to edit, choose zombify. Done!

Join the World Zombie Day Facebook page here:
World Zombie Day on Facebook

Zombie Movies You Could Watch:

Dawn of the Dead

Night of the Living Dead

28 Days Later

Day of the Dead


Resident Evil

Return of the Living Dead

Land of the Dead

That's it you crazy Halloween lovers! More from your faithful 31 days of Halloween blogger tomorrow.....


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