Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terror Behind the Walls ~ Day 27

***So sorry days 27, 28 & 29 did not post automatically. Darn Blogger!***

Eastern State Penitentiary is the America's most historic prison. It is also a massive haunted a REAL PRISON! Can you imagine!

Opened in 1829 as part of a controversial movement to change the behavior of inmates through "confinement in solitude with labor," Eastern State Penitentiary quickly became one of the most expensive and most copied buildings in the young United States. It is estimated that more than 300 prisons worldwide are based on the Penitentiary's wagon-wheel, or "radial" floor plan.

Some of America's most notorious criminals were held in the Penitentiary's vaulted, sky-lit cells, including bank robber Willie Sutton and Al Capone. After 142 years of consecutive use, Eastern State Penitentiary was completely abandoned in 1971, and now stands, a lost world of crumbling cell blocks and empty guard towers.

I was watching Making Monsters on the Travel Channel tonight when I learned about Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Pen. They were making a monster for one of their exhibits. Naturally it's a 13 room tour that takes about 45 minutes. 45 minutes of haunted house! All while walking past dark, empty cells not knowing who or what lurks in the dark. Can you handle it? Well, the good news is at the end of the tour you can much on some funnel cake, provided you still have an appetite. And if not you might as well join Monster Mash spun by Zombie DJ.

And, Hey! It's all for a good cause. It a non-profit org that uses the revenue to preserve history. Nothing scary about that.

So, would you prison....on purpose at Eastern State Pen? I totally would if I lived closer. If you've been tell us all about it, would ya?

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