Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haunted Savannah Ghost Stories Series ~ Day 5

Depending on who you ask, America's Most Haunted City might be New Orleans. I've never been to Louisiana so I can't comment, but Savannah, Savannah I know. In my humble opinion, October is the best time to visit. The heat isn't so bad and the gnats are all but gone. In fact, it's quite cool here right about now, for the south anyway. But Savannah in October is spectacular regardless of the weather....or the gnats. There's October Fest, there's the film festival, the Greek festival and, oh yeah, there are ghosts, too. Lots of 'em.

There are always ghosts in Savannah but this time of year is perfect for a ghost tour. Pick your poison: go on a walking tour, a haunted trolley, in a hearse and if you're really brave, go on the All Hallows Eve Paranormal Hunt of the Dead tour.

If you're strapped for cash or it's too late to plan a trip, how about you join me for my Haunted Savannah Blog Tour. I'll tell you all the ghost stories I know....for FREE. How's that sound?

Starting tomorrow, and various days during October, I'll post a special Savannah ghost story. If you can't wait and you need one tonight, search my blog. You'll find some really great ones, my own ghost story's here somewhere, as a matter of fact. That should tide you over until tomorrow. Just try not to scare yourself too much. You'll need your rest for tomorrow night.


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