Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Madame Has Lost Her Head - Mini Tut ~ Day 11

Just a mini-tutorial on how I made Madame a few years back should you like one of your own...

First wrap entire base in batting making sure neck stays slim. Wrap two lengths of wire (making sure to measure first so they look proportionate) with foam or batting leaving enough wire on each end to wrap around lamp base where shown.

Wrap arms and "body" with desired dress material making sure to bunch it up in the front of the body so that it resembles a bodice. Attach arms by wrapping wire where shown and pull up arm material to cover and also to puff up the sleeves. You may also want to use pins to keep things in place.

Attach collar where shown and wrap with additional dress material to form high neck dress. Adorn with broach. Wrap a strip of material around base to form waist.

Stuff a pair of gloves and tuck the ends of the arms into the gloves.

Carve your pumpkin with a grusome face and adorn it with a hat. I glittered a simple straw hat from the craft store and added some dried flowers and aged crepe paper bow. Secure the hat with long pins into the pumpkin.

Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. Pumpkins rot quickly inside and attrack maggots. Please don't ask me how I know.....

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