Monday, October 24, 2011

Based on True Events Horror Movie Trivia ~ Day 24

1. What real life water related drama did the filmmakers of Open Water, Chris Kentis and Laura Lau survive just three days after the DVD release of the movie?

Chris and Laura were in Thailand with their 7-year-old daughter when the devastating tsunami hit the island. Over 200,000 people perished in the storm but Chris, Laura and their daughter survived.

Interestingly enough this is one horror/thriller based on a true story that is close to the actual tale. Tom and Aileen Lonergan disappeared during a scuba diving expedition off the Great Barrier Reef and it was two days before the couple was noticed missing. Another little tidbit is the fact that filmmakers used real sharks as opposed to mechanical variations normally used in these types of films.

2. In the Serpent and the Rainbow, what is the name of the zombie-making drug?

The drug named in the film is tetrodotoxin, a drug that can make a living person appear dead. The way the movie depicts the administration of the drug, by blowing it into the victims face is more consistent with a mind-altering drug known as scopolamine.

Interestingly enough the author of the non-fiction book on which the film is based hated the movie. He commented at one time that he went to Borneo to escape the hysteria.

3. The Exorcism of Emily rose declares what specific time to be the devils hour? And why?

Three am is called the devils hour in an evil attempt to mock the Holy Trinity and in direct opposition to the time it is thought Jesus died on the cross, many scholars put it at three pm.

You might be surprised to find out that many of the unholy body contortions of Emily Rose were achieved by actress Jennifer Carpenter were done without visual effects. Her performance won her a Best Frightened Performance from MTV.

4. In Wolf Creek the psycho killer uses a little torture technique called "head on a stick" what event does he credit with the invention of the tactic?

After cutting Liz's fingers off her explains that during the Vietnam War, they figured out a way to extract information from captives while leaving them unable to run away. Head on a stick is a torture tactic that involves severing the spinal column.

This film is shot on location in southern Australia, an area known as arid and sunny. On the first day of shooting, it commenced raining forcing the directors to incorporate it into the movie. The interesting fact is this particular area had not received rainfall in over six years.

5. What did John Bell claim he offer Kate Batts in exchange for use of her land?

The deal they spat and shook upon included the use of the Bell's slave Samuel and a $100 loan. However, he neglects to tell the council that he charged her 20% interest, which was against the church usury law. Though he clearly broke, their law they determined is punishment was the loss of his good name, of course, Kate Batts had other plans.

This movie is inspired at least in part by the same Tennessee witch legends as the Blair witch project. Though there are many claims about this legend, such as documentation proving this was the first incidence of a human death from a spiritual entity, none of the claims can be substantiated.



  1. I actually have friends who also survived the tsnuami, if it was't for a detour to a Starbucks and the staff that knew where to run it would not have been good.

  2. Wow! I always knew Starbucks was a lifesaver for me but I never imagined it could actually save lives. So glad your friends are safe!

    Thanks for visiting!


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