Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cute Little Monsters ~ Day 23

You guys! I'm exhausted! The only day this weekend we got to be bed before 2 or 3 am was last night and I think I was comatose by 9 pm. You'd think after that and the 6 hour trip home I'd be rested but not so much. I think it must've been the shopping trip to IKEA that took it all out of me. But it was worth it!

Tomorrow is the week before Halloween and I've got some fun things in store so I'm going to need my rest. So, I leave you with a few pics of the cutest little monsters I know.


  1. Awww, they are some cute little monsters, alright!

    You can't worry so much about the postings, you are doing great! I did 31 days of Halloween LAST year and it took the wind out of me! I think I actually had to skip 2 days because between work and art, it was too much!

  2. oh, these little Monsters, scared me!
    Looks like you had the best time! Our Family went to Disney during Oct, a few years ago, it was so much fun, crowed but fun!!!!
    now rest up...and continue to Halloween!!!

    my best,

  3. Cute little critters...and great costumes!

    Get some rest, Hun...we'll still be here!

  4. Cute pictures of the family -also love the picture of the shoes:-) So glad you were able to shop at IKEA -that is always a treat

  5. I won't tell a lie..these pictures make me say, "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH that's so sweet!" Especially the little cute spider outfit.


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