Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Momma Likes Pretty Things" - Dresser Turned Lego Storage

Do you have a love, hate relationship with legos? Because I do. I am tired of stepping on them, worrying the baby will swallow them and seeing them slowly take over every room in my house. But, they're educational and my baby is sure to be a famous engineer as a result of playing with them.

My oldest has his own room. We also have a playroom. Still, somehow, those darn things still wind up migrating to the office and living room, too. They needed a place to go and they needed it fast. And it had to be pretty, 'cause Momma likes pretty things!

I found this beauty in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Like this store was on the corner of a cornfield and another cornfield. Kid you not. I paid $35, which was too much, especially since she didn't even have a back. But she had perfect lines and I really liked her faux-four top drawers.

Pretend I am skinny and have a nice tan, Mkay?

I definitely think she was worth it, don't you?

I took out the bottom four drawers and replaced them with water hyacinth baskets, you know, for legos. Because that just makes sense....right??

I do not understand furniture varnish. Why do they put that awful stuff on top of beautiful wood? Look what was hiding under there!

These are the greatest baskets. $19.99 each at the Hobby Lobby but I used my 40% off coupon on each of them.

A little distressing to keep things interesting....

And she's ready for work!

Would you ever guess there were a billion legos in there?

P.S. You will notice in each of my dresser pictures. I will soon be moving my DIY/Home Decor stuff over to this new blog and returning this one to my artwork. I hope you'll head on over there and 'follow' if you've been enjoying this series here because you won't see it here much longer!

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  1. Wow, very cool Jamie! You are waaaay more DIY than I am, I wish I knew more about restoration, there's tons of stuff on curbs over here! :)

  2. Oh I would love it there! LOL I'd probably be just as bad about bringing home stray furniture as I am about bring home stray animals!

  3. this redo is awesome!! is the original wood color showing through the distressed areas or did you use wax? We have tons of legos everywhere too!!

  4. Awesome!!! Didn't know you had a seperate art blog(the awsome was for the chest of draws lol)...will bob over there now :D XXX

  5. DOH! This IS the art blog :S XXX

  6. OMG, Jamie..I love this idea!! Michael has a gazillion Lego pieces-I would love to do something like this! :o)

  7. You did an awesome job on this dresser! I love it and no, I would not guess there were legos hiding in those baskets. Great camo!


  8. Hi Jamie. I just found your blog when searching for painted buffets. This is just what I was looking for since I'm wanting to do something similar. You're turned out great. I though the high chair you did turned out beautiful too. What a sweet idea. I'm so glad I found your blog and I'm a new follower now.
    Hope you stop by to visit me too.

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

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