Monday, January 7, 2008

Real Ghost Stories - Part 3

When I was in high school I had to get up at 6 am in order to be in school by the time the bell rang at 8:05. It was always so hard to get up. My mom must have had to get herself up 30 minutes earlier in order to get me out of bed on time considering how many times she had to "wake" me up.

One morning I actually woke up all by myself. No alarm clock. No mom. But there was something even more peculiar about this. I could see daylight peeking in through the room darkening shade. Most definitely odd. But just before I could process what this meant, my mom burst into my room - "You're Late, YOU'RE LATE!" Having not fully awoken, I believe something worse must be going on because my mom has on her best panicky voice. I fly out of bed to find that it is, in fact, nearly 9 am! No wonder I was conscious all on my own.

As I began to get ready my mom came in all out of breath. Apparently she had woken up and noticed the light coming in the windows, too. At that point, she KNEW I was late without needing a clock to tell her. But being as "together" as she was she had to know why the alarm hadn't gone off that morning - she always diligently set it. Upon closer inspection she noticed the alarm clock was off - completely - NO power. We have power in the rest of the house. Why doesn't the alarm clock? It's important to know that this particular alarm clock resided on top of my mom's solid oak dresser - about 5 ft from her bed - something impossible for the only two people (small women) in house to move. As it turned, out the clock had been unplugged. Now this may not seem odd at all but you must know that the clock had been plugged into the wall behind the dresser. One of those situations where the back of the furniture bends the cord because it' so close to the wall. So close to the wall, in fact, that you have to move the furniture in order unplug or plug something in behind it. Somehow this clock had been unplugged in the middle of the night - just 5ft from where my mother was sleeping. There was no evidence that the dresser had been moved. We had to wait for my brother to come over and move the dresser to get the clock plugged back in.....

I've often wondered what that unplugged clock saved me from....


  1. You never know Jamie! Sure makes you wonder, doesn't it.

    I have had so many odd things happen to me in my 34 years of life, people would really think I was nuts, if I put it into words.

    Thank you for sharing your story.


  2. Surrounded by ghosts or angels....or both....these stories are incredible!


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