Thursday, January 3, 2008


Do any of you really do that to yourselves? Swear you won't and know you will. It's setting myself up for failure so I just don't. Of course you could be one of those slightly subhuman types who makes a resolution and actually sticks to it. Take my husband for example: One year he decides he won't eat a fastfood hamburger - so he doesn't. I don't care much for fast food - I CAN resist it but not if I tell myself I can't have it. Then I'll just want it more....even if I wouldn't have wanted in the first place. And my husband the fitness instructor, martial artist, 5th degree black belt - WHY does he even want to cut out fastfood hamburgers? He doesn't need to. He works out like 23 hours a day...

And then one year it was no sodas for a year....again, I couldn't care less about sodas. I know that that would send some of you into a tailspin - no soda for a year - but I don't care about it. You know another thing I don't care about? Ice cream. I like it, don't get me wrong but I don't have to have it. But do you know what would happen if I told myself I couldn't have it? Yep! You got it! I'd be a varitable ice cream eating machine within the first 24 hours. And THAT'S something I don't care about. No wonder I can't stop shoving the chocolate cake in my face. That is definately something I care about. Mmmmm chocolate!!

Now that doesn't mean I won't lose weight this year. Get back on track. Get into shape. I have to...I'm quite sure they don't make conventional beds any bigger than the one we have now and I've just moved into a new house with a garden tub where my thighs are currently in no danger of touching the sides when I sit down to take a bath! But I'll be darn if I'm going to tell myself just because it's a New Year that I must accomplish X or give up Y. I know that it won't work so why do that to myself? Besides I can tell myself that July or April if I want to!

I wish you all the best of luck with whatever your resolutions may be and I salute those of you who chose not to make them....Now, if you'll excuse me, the treadmill is calling and I'm burping chocolate.....

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  1. You are too funny Jamie. I refuse to make resolutions because I only get depressed when I break them. Better to say try try try again and hope it works. Did you know the new fad craze is eating healthier - they finally figured out diets don't work. I knew that years ago having tried so many. Now I just eat healthier and if I do engage in some pkleasurable activity like eating chocolate I will eat a salad for dinner. Now odd to have a chocolate except I don't walk the treadmill. It's my treat for being a good girl today. Hugs Joni


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