Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Real Ghost Story ~ Part 2

Thank you reader Craig for pointing me to a good read. ( It has prompted me to continue with the telling of my true ghost stories....believe 'em or not!

This is a two for one kind of deal.

First, as many of my readers know, my mom passed away in March of '07 very suddenly and practically in my arms. It was a tragic and devastating loss. My heart still aches for her. We were very close.

She always had this quirk about the numbers 111 or 1111 in sequence. She never could decide if they scared her or not but she always noticed when the clock read 1:11 or 11:11 or any other place these numbers were in sequence. She often thought something would happen on the dates 1/11 or 11/11 or at the time. Nothing ever did. She didn't obsess about it - just something she always noticed. Of course, she noticed so much that she finally had me noticing, too!

She had been staying at my home when she passed. Just hours after her death I travel the 75 miles to her home - my childhood home - in a daze. As I walked down the hall passed the guest room I noticed that the clock was blinking as though it had been unplugged or as if the power had gone out. And, of course, it was blinking 1:11.

A few months passed and by then I'd lost two more members of my family - my great aunt and uncle. They were like my second set of grandparents - my mom had been very close to them. On a day just after my great-aunt's passing the family had gathered at their home to claim belongings near and dear to them. A few of us stuck around chatting after the others had gone home. I had just told them about my experience with the clock at mom's house on the day she passed and we continued to sit and reminisce. One of my cousins had gone to the restroom just after I finished my story. Moments later we heard her yelling my name - she was in tears. By the time we could get to her she was sobbing and out of breath. Only when she calmed down was she able to tell us what had happened. Upon leaving the bathroom she had looked at her watch. Having a long drive ahead of her to return home she wanted to check the time. Her watch battery had died at some point that day. It had gone unnoticed until this point. One of the hands had stopped on 1 and the other on 11.

I wouldn't call my self someone who searches for signs - I believe without them. But I don't need any convincing that there are, indeed, signs. Earlier that day at my great-aunt's home I had been secretly frustrated by certain family members who had been behaving as though they were shopping through my great aunt's & uncle's home. Taking things just to take them....hording! I was extremely aggravated. I held my tongue but thought immediately of my great-aunt. She was a firecracker - all 100 lbs of her. I was busy imagining what she'd be saying if she were present when I heard a crash. A glass - something - had fallen on the brick mantle and shattered in a thousand pieces. It sent these two family members running...all the while saying somethings about 'signs'. And there I stood giggling through tears. The funniest thing is we'd been in that house all day. It had been well "inventoried" and most of the possessions had been cleared out. And though we looked diligently to determine what had broken, we could not find a single item missing. All I have to say is - Touche' Aunt Tee!


  1. Ouuuu I totally agree that your Aunt had a say in that!! I would have been there laughing with you Jaime..good for them.
    I believe too :-)

  2. Yayy for your aunt, Lovin your stories :D thanks so much for posting them :D Carm


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