Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Gates to Nowhere

Maybe I'm nosey....or maybe I just don't have enough to occupy my time but every now and again I come across something that catches my attention. Once it's caught it doesn't let go easily. I'm a terribly curious person.

Just off the highway, on my way home in the middle of nowhere, I pass these beautiful gates with elaborate urns and white picket fences that seem to go on and on. You can't turn into these gates. Maybe you can tell from the pic that there's quite a large ditch in front of them so if you mistook this as some one's driveway and turned in, you'd wind up stuck in a ditch. And what drives me even crazier is that there is no house behind them....anywhere. You can tell they were built some time ago. There are even a few of the leftover bricks stacked next to the gate that are growing moss. If you could drive into these gates, behind them you'd find pine trees, a pond and nothing else.

Perhaps this wouldn't even register on a normal person's radar but, for me, every time I pass them I wonder where the gates to nowhere are going....


  1. Jamie, isn't that the strangest thing? Gates gussied up for entrance, but can't be entered?
    Maybe someday they will make a bridge over that ditch?

  2. It looks like an entrance to a cemetary..are you sure there's no gravestones there? hehe Just a thought ;-)


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