Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Home of $270 Million Dollar Lotto Ticket!

When my sister-in-law called me Saturday morning as I'd just rolled out of the bed and asked me "Did you win the lottery?", I did what any non-morning person would do. I rolled my eyes and asked her 'What in the world are you talking about?'. She then told me that the $270 Million Dollar Mega Millions Lotto ticket had been sold in my hometown of Portal, Georgia - Population 597! Needless to say, I was wide awake at this point and desperately praying that my husband had, indeed, purchased a ticket and neglected to mention it. We are not consistent lottery ticket purchasers. But I held out hope and I immediately called him at work. It confirmed my worst fear.....we did not win.

The couple who did win, local residents of this small town with just a caution light, had purchased the ticket just 3.9 miles from my house. The ticket was purchased at Clyde's Market #70, at the aforementioned caution light intersection, where I turn to go home. They used their grandchildren's birthdays to come up with the winning numbers.

As thrilled as I am for this derserving couple, I can't help but be disappointed. It was so close I could have reached out and touched it! And like my husband pointed out, what are the odds of it ever happening here again? Guess I'll have to buy my lotto tickets somewhere else!


  1. Wow!! Would they believe you if you told them you were their long lost relative? :> )
    I guess that expression rings true, "You can't win if you don't play." So I'm off to buy a lottery ticket. :> )

  2. EXACTLY Karin! Lesson learned....WE HAVE TO PLAY TO WIN! ;)

  3. The odds of that happening the second time are exactly the same as that happening the first time. They do not change. Personally, I think you are better off taking 5 or 10 dollars a week and adding it to your IRA, or buying funds. You won't win millions, but in 30 years, you'll have something. But, if you like the thrill of playing, go ahead! Every lottery ticket is a sure winner. You could win a book mark!

  4. yes, Jamie, i too was so disappointed when the dream was over after seeing on TV that someone had won the gigantic jackpot. :(
    I had bought my tickets that day, and until I see for myself I'm not a winner, I'm dreamin big.

    It's always nice to see when someone who really needs some money wins it, and that fella who won looked like he had some missing teeth. Probably a man who works every day and maybe has insurance, but can;t afford to use it. What is that called ....oh yeah, "the average American"!

    Let's hope the money goes for good things!


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