Monday, February 11, 2008

Rest in Peace....

I can't say exactly why the death of Heath Ledger has bothered me so much. I didn't know him nor is it likely that I ever would have. But I was a fan. He was a great actor and it was obvious he always put his heart and soul into his work. As an artist, I get, and very much appreciate that.

It has been said that too much attention has been paid to the sad ending of a talented young life. I suppose it's true but only in the sense of the paparazzi and from what I understand of this man, he'd have felt that way, too. Who can really enjoy such a media circus, especially when it generates such hateful and disrespectful content?

But I was surprised by comments that the mourning of Heath Ledger was "enough already" and "no great tragedy". The world lost a son, a brother, a friend and a father. And that IS a tragedy whether you decide to grieve over it or not....

May God and his loving mercy and peace be with his family, friends and fans!

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  1. It disturbed me also, more than usual. Two of my favorite movies are A Knights Tale(not his favorite) and Cassenova. Right now, I can't watch them.


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