Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Now Available on Etsy

A Primitive Folk Art Original Painting & Collage ~ Bunny Girl. Painted on 9 x 12 bristol board using acrylics and collaged vintage papers. Available exclusively on Etsy at http://www.peachstreet.etsy.com.

I have so enjoyed painting again. I hope you are enjoying having a look at them. I am also offering greeting cards of my originals. Available in 4" x 5.5" kraft paper cards with envelopes. Set of 4. Also, available on Etsy. I will also add these to my website soon.

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  1. Isn't she sweet?! I love your new website too, Jamie. I finally had a chance to go take a peek! It's wonderful...how do you find the time to get so much done?! You have some beautiful offerings out there. wishing you all the best...Susan


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