Friday, February 18, 2011

Foto Friday: Photoshop

Repeat after me: Photoshop is my friend.

I always thought photographers were so fabulous their pictures came out of the camera in the form of pure awesomeness. Not true. I was astounded to discover that they "cheat". And I think it's awesome.

If you haven't tried photoshop and you're intimidated by it, don't be. Plus, you can get a scaled down version called Photoshop Elements just to get you started for around $99. Once you learn a few quick techniques you'll be hooked and then you'll want the full version. That's when you're in trouble. It costs like 7 times more. Plus, you'll feel the need to get Photoshop Lightroom, too (because you're hubby bought you a jam-up camera for Christmas and you fancy yourself a professional. But. You. Are. Not.). Incidentally, I would really like to upgrade from Photoshop Elements to CS5. (I'd also like one of those Silhouette SD cutting machines and a medium telephoto lens for my new jam-up camera). So have pity on me and check out the links to my work and buy something. You'll like it. I promise.

All the pictures in this post were taken with a simple, point and shoot camera - with the exception of the last one. My sister-in-law took that one because she had a jam-up camera at the time and I did not. (Can you tell any difference?) The awesomeness happened in photoshop. Truth be told, I became quite the prodigy with a point and shoot. I desperately coveted the DSLR but not having one, I learned to push my little P&S to the limit. Once I discovered the magic that can happen in photoshop, I almost lost the desire for the DSLR. Almost.

And you won't believe how I learned to use photoshop. For free. Yes. I said for FREE. I don't even remember how I stumbled on the Jessica Sprague website but one day I found myself there and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. You can even learn how to use that jam-up camera you have while you're there. Because I'd be willing to bet most of you, like me, have no idea what all it can do. But we'll figure it out. And until we do, we'll fix it in photoshop and call it a day.

So. Your homework for the weekend (yes, I said homework and weekend in the same sentence. But it's fun homework) is to play with your camera until you figure out something that it can do that you didn't know it could do. (And then come back here and tell me. It will save me some time learning on my own.) You should also obtain a copy of Photoshop (the cheap version or the expensive one. Your choice. But if you get the expensive one, don't tell me, I'll be jealous.) Then go over to Jessica and sign yourself up for that Free Photoshop class.

Have fun!


  1. Hi Jamie, Love the article! I had a Canon S3IS but dropped it at Christmas and it died! What camera do you use? I have a rebel, but changing out lenses is aggravating, do you have any camera sugggestions? thanks girl,

  2. Hey Tonya,

    I have the Rebel T1i...for now. It's my "entry level" DSLR. I really, really love it. I am terrified of dropping it so I carry it around like it's my child. It's one of the reasons I don't like changing lenses. Other than that, I find changing lenses exciting. But then again, I am a geek.

    P.s. take your S3IS to the Doctor!

  3. I'm miffed because Amy won..Ha Ha.. so here's what I think...

    Nope 'tis not true,

    Photoshop can Enhance what is there,

    but a good photo is a good photo because of the lens and the composition and the exposure, and a photoshop image is a digitally Altered image Not a photograph, and you can spot them a mile away, not that I cannot appreciate the art involved and value digital art for what it is.

    you can have my photoshop package with a bit of a tussell and maybe a harsh word - but lay one finger on my Nikon DSLR body and my Stupidly Priced but worth is lens and I will turn into the she cat from hell,

    and NEVER would I go back to a point and shoot, Ever...get the right camera - learn how to use it - you don't need photoshop, unless altered imagery is gonna be your bag....or you work for an agency that demands airbrushed perfection, or an advertising agency that peddles in lies...

    all modern technology aside, a good photographer's only saving by moving to digital is the money spent on wasted film and developing, because 'the shot' is hard to get. Now with digital capture it is less wasteful to take many images in pursuit of 'the one'. I still use my old film camera by the way, because the camera is a beautiful thing and i can not bear to not use it. people think I am mad when I load a film - but it is monochrome and I always adore the results...compared to the technicolour digital ones...

    Give me a proper photo over a digitised altered image ANY day.

    See I am Queen Sour pus Bad week grumpy Old Woman

    I shall return and be far more agreeable and delightful,


    PS I do use photo shop extensively for my none photo graphics and my blog background is a photoshop digital alteration of a photo of one of my paintings so I am talking Absolute Rot Really...

    thanks for letting me rant, its been a horrid week I feel better now...

    please come on over and give me what for...


  4. Hi Jamie,
    Great photos, no matter which camera you're using! I'm not a photographer, as you know, but I do use Photoshop a whole lot, as you know. Please don't fret about needing CS5 - Elements can do everything you need, unless you're going to be doing a lot of print work for publication. Use the funds for Lightroom and additional lenses.

    I know who told you about Jessica Sprague, lol. Here are a couple more sites for you to check out: Be sure to get on her texture lover's email list for free textures lots of good advice about using Elements from some serious photography types

    XXOO Jan


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